Work-life balance is a delicate dance for any professional, but especially for teachers who so often take work home with them. Teachers are more likely to struggle with work-life balance because of the need to bring grading home and can miss out on events and functions. Keep your work in the classroom with GraderAide!

    Read on to learn how GraderAide is changing the way that teachers balance their work.

    School is almost back in session, are you prepared? As a teacher, it is important for both you and your students that you’re prepared well in advance, this sets you up for a successful school year. Starting the year off right gives your students the chance to put their best foot forward. Keep reading to learn three ways to prepare for the new school year!

    Testing season is just around the corner, are you prepared? Students are not the only one who need to prepare for the testing season. Essay scoring is a top priority for both students and teachers because they better they score, the better that reflects on you and your teaching abilities. That’s why, the better prepared you are, the better your students will perform this testing season!

    Keep reading to learn some tips to help you and your students ace testing season!


    You’ve just gotten past the middle of the school year – now is the time to stick it out and keep going. The last couple school years have been difficult, and this year is no exception, but GraderAide is here to help you get to the end of the school year without a hitch.

    Grading essays upon essays is a major contributor to disrupting a teacher’s work-life balance, but now you can restore balance to your work and home life by utilizing GraderAide!  

    You did it! You survived the first half of the school year, and now it’s time for a well-deserved break. What are you going to do to treat yourself this holiday break? Let us give you a few suggestions to relax and make the most out of your winter vacation!


    This year can be better. If you’re tired of spending hours of time outside the classroom grading assignments during test prep season, GraderAide can assist you.

    GraderAide helps you score students’ written assignments in the click of a button. It also keeps all of your class grade books organized so you can see at a glance how each student – and each class – are progressing toward scoring well on writing and language tests.

    Here's how GraderAide can help your students get top scores on standardized tests while you save time grading.


    Helping students become better writers supports healthy childhood development. Literacy is an indicator of how well students will do in life, and teaching great writing skills also develops reading skills.

    As a teacher, you want to do your best for every one of your students. But with bigger class sizes and an incredible teacher workload, this can be challenging.

    Last year was a challenge for teachers everywhere. Between online learning, losing Internet connection in the middle of class, and enhanced safety measures, teachers had a lot on their plate.

    Students also had trouble learning in a new format – and focusing on schoolwork with so many changes in such a short timeframe.

    It’s safe to say we’re all hoping for a better school year ahead. The first priority should be your mental wellbeing. But your work-life balance shouldn’t come at the expense of students reaching their learning goals.

    GraderAide helps teachers reclaim more time to themselves. And perhaps its greatest strength is that it improves students’ learning outcomes at the same time. Does that sound impossible? Read on to learn more.


    Picture this: It’s Friday. You’ve just gotten home from teaching in person, sanitizing your classroom between every class, and remote teaching; and now, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and relax. But then you remember the giant stack of papers you need to grade, and you fill with dread.  

    Teacher work-life balance is harder to maintain now more than ever. The 2020 school year has presented unique challenges with combinations of distance learning, in-person classes, and proper COVID-19 safety protocol. These new limitations can become overwhelming for teachers to deal with all on their own. Not only does your work life now span far outside of the classroom, but there is no separation between the home and the classroom.  

    That’s where the paper grading system GraderAide comes in. GraderAide takes the hassle out of essay scoring. As an automated and adaptable paper grader, GraderAide minimizes your workload to free up your time. Read on to see how GraderAide can help you manage your priorities. 


    Despite all of the technological advances made over the last few decades, teachers are still human and often tired… and with good reason. Sure, your tools have changed (like GraderAide, the leading automatic paper-checker for teachers), but you still have long semesters, lots of high-energy students to interact with, and piles of papers to grade at home each week.

    After all, there are only so many hours in the day to balance school hours, essay-grading, home chores, personal care and sleep. This can easily lead to fatigue, stress, hunger, and moodiness, all of which can have ramifications on your personal life and overall happiness. Even worse, these challenges can also affect your ability to evaluate your students’ work fairly and consistently.

    When you aren’t at your best, scoring even one essay for grammar, spelling and context can be a chore. Increase that workload into a tall stack of essays, and your best efforts to treat each student’s work fairly will likely fall short.

    Thankfully, all of the problems discussed in this blog have one common solution: GraderAide, the online essay-grader that will score your papers in moments instead of hours.

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